“I wanted to thank Heather and the Dubin Group for all the help they have given me after I graduated from college. Heather was constantly checking in with me and making sure everything was working out for me the way it should have been. I really appreciate the time and effort she has put into helping me land a great position.

I started working with Heather in September as a temp, and since then, I was hired full time and working in the field I was interested in. I would recommend Heather and the Dubin Group to anyone who is looking for a great recruiter! Thank you Heather for all your help!"

- JP, Candidate

“I just wanted to thank you again for your sterling service. Danielle has worked diligently for many weeks now to find a position for me and she truly is an extraordinary professional. I was an EA at the Yoh Group so I know the qualities of the superstar recruiters who make the $250,000 salaries there and she exhibits all of those hallmarks. Not only does she do the little things like return a call promptly, but she goes the extra mile in preparing her candidate, rechecking with the client for clarification, double checking all points are in place before the interview and supplies needed feedback and assurances during this very challenging economic climate. I have used several recruiters in my current search but Danielle stands head and shoulders above them all due to her unfailing sterling service. This is a difficult time to be unemployed, but she makes me a little more hopeful each time I talk to her.

Danielle did not ask me to write this, but I thought her long hours on my case should be recognized and appreciated.”

- RB, Client
“I was highly satisfied with the way they approached any issue I had. They were always in reach and ready to give advice or help at a moments notice. If an issue did arise, the founder Ken Dubin himself would contact you to make certain everything was fine. An outstanding firm, I have already recommended them to colleagues.”
- RS, Client

“The Dubin Group is a very professional organization. Recruiter Heather McLeod helped me revise my resume to highlight my assets first. She gave me great tips on DO’s and DON’Ts for the interview process. In only a few weeks, Heather got me an interview at a Fortune-500 company for a four-week temp assignment, with the possibility of temp-to-perm transition. She negotiated a great hourly rate for me. After three months, I was hired as a full-time employee.

I would highly recommend The Dubin Group and their hard-working staff for anyone looking to work for a premier employer in the Philadelphia area.”

- MC, Candidate

“I wanted to contact you and inform you of how great an agency you truly have. In December of 2008 I was laid off from a job that I was employed with for close to 7 years. With a false sense of security I thought that it would be easy to simply find another job. Unfortunately, four months later I am still in the same situation. Every morning I would utilize the job websites, submit numerous resumes only to receive no response. If an interview did occur they were a waste of time to say the least. I then received a phone call form your agency (Heather) who sent an interview up with Nicole. Both girls were extremely professional and wonderful. Thinking that I would hear back from them in a few weeks, Nicole had an amazing job already for me the actual day of the interview! Erica called me several times to go over my resume and ensure that everything was aligned and perfected for the CEO (s) of the company to review. I was lucky enough to get called back for my 2nd interview just yesterday with this Company.

I feel the only reason that this opportunity came about was due to all the hard work and long hours that Danielle had applied. She would call me redundantly, we would go over the interview process and she was essentially my muse that got me through the interviews. She prepared me in a way that not even my best friend or my own self could. Danielle possess a flair to make others obtain the confidence they require in an interview (Especially interviewing for the first time in over 7 years or after submitting a resume and being ignored for several months or to be called in for meaningless jobs).

Danielle would call me late at night, she offered her home phone # and instructed me to call her anytime (day or night). She is on line till 11pm on most nights in the event I needed her or if the CEO’s needed her. In my previous job I was a Manager and worked with and hired numerous employees, Danielle is that diamond in the rough and I truly hope she is acknowledged as just that. If I do not receive this job it will not be a complete loss, since I have learned so much from your agency, I actually feel I have gained a true friend in this world of disingenuous people. Hopefully one day I will be able to meet her and thank her in person. Therefore, I thought this email was the least I could do to alert you of what a wonderful staff you have employed.

Thank you Ken and Erica for hiring a great fleet of people …. They truly are angels!”

- MT, Candidate
“I worked with Elizabeth Dratch and I found her to be lovely and easy to work with – she did all the work for me! I could not be happier.”
- Steven G. Blum, Esq. - Steven G. Blum and Associates, LLC
“The Dubin Group always comes through for Margolis & Company. Whether it’s a long-term commitment for our busy tax season or a quick one-day fill in, I know I can count on the Dubin Group. Their screening process is excellent so I know I will be presented with quality candidates each time.”
- Terri Kirk, HR Manager - Margolis & Company, P.C
“The Dubin Group has been an absolute pleasure to work with. The temporary employment process is so easy and the quality of our temporary employees has been stellar! It’s obvious that your staff really does their homework before you present candidates to your clients! I look forward to working with your group again in the future!”
- Stefani L. Roma - CBIZ, Inc.
“We have been very successful in getting wonderful candidates to fill various temporary office positions within our company. We were fortunate to also be able to hire at least one individual as a full time employee. The Dubin Group truly listens to our needs and goes above and beyond to get us the right candidate every time.”
- Victoria Makarewicz, Executive Assistant to Vice Chairman, Land Acquisition Department - Orleans Homebuilders
“I have had a wonderful experience working with The Dubin Group; they have worked very hard to find us that perfect candidate. Initially, they took the time to get to know us, their client, which is very important when you are looking to add talented people to the team. They are extremely responsive and a pleasure to work with.”
- Nicole Fries, Senior Manager of Corporate Affairs & Development - GPX Enterprises
“Erica and her team have been invaluable in the process of finding quality individuals.. I would highly recommend them.”
- Silvia Moffa, COO - Jackson Cross Partners LLC
“All my experience dealing with the staff of the Dubin Group has been positive… I would be happy to recommend The Dubin Group to anyone who needs skilled professionals on a temporary and temporary-to-full-time basis.”
- Jeanne C. Coburn - Arcadia Land Company
“You and your company make the best support team one could ask for. Thank you so very much for all your help.”
- Karen Marchione - Fox Chase Cancer Center
“Whether it is on the temporary or permanent side of the business, the recruiters are thorough and responsive and always take the time to learn more about our specific needs. As a Director of HR, it is extremely important for me to be able to build strong, solid business relationships with outside firms and everyone at the Dubin Group makes this very easy!”
- Lauren Boegner - Preferred Real Estate Investments
“I use The Dubin Group because they are always on point as to what candidate to send me. Everyone is very friendly, professional and the follow up is excellent. I can get a hold of my Recruiter at any time and they are always ready to help. I have had several temps now and every one of them have shown up and have been a perfect match for the position. I also have a sheet of 25 Recruiting Agencies and I always call The Dubin Group first.”
- Claudia McPeake, HR Employment Recruiter - StoneMor GP LLC
“Whether it is on the temporary or permanent side of the business, the recruiters are thorough and responsive and always take the time to learn more about our specific needs. As a Director of HR, it is extremely important for me to be able to build strong, solid business relationships with outside firms and everyone at the Dubin Group makes this very easy!”
- Lauren Boegner - Preferred Real Estate Investments

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