Outplacement Services

The Dubin Group offers an extremely cost effective way for companies to provide displaced employees with invaluable information created through years of experience in the industry, which is delivered by in-house presenters/employment coaches who are experts in their field. We have extensive experience speaking and providing knowledge to job seekers via various news and media outlets including TV, radio and social media audio as well as through live in-person speaking engagements for industry related events.

The seminars and workshops are each one-hour in length including: a 40-minute presentation by a Dubin consultant of the skills, techniques, and materials necessary for mastering each section. This will be followed by a 20-minute question and answer session, so candidates may address any issues they have personally with their consultant.

Please contact us at 610-667-5100 or https://www.thedubingroup.com/ with any questions – we’re always available to discuss what will work best for you and your business.

Why choose The Dubin Group as your outplacement provider?

  1. We can craft a package designed uniquely for your organization and the outplacement attendee. We complete an in-depth assessment process and work diligently with every candidate we help through outplacement or job placement to align their skills and interests with the current market for job openings
  2. Our services are affordable and will fit into ANY budget.
  3. The entire outplacement package is designed for convenience and personalization delivering 1:1 coaching and support to your long time employee via coaching sessions at a mutually agreeable location (close in geographic proximity to that of the attendee).
  4. Your displaced employee will be able to become a candidate of The Dubin Group and receive representation by us to our clients plus have access to all of our job opportunities (both permanent and consulting).

The standard seminar consists of a 40-minute presentation by a Dubin consultant including the skills, techniques, and materials necessary for mastering each section. This is followed by a 20-minute question and answer session, so attendees may address individual questions with their counselor.

It doesn’t end when the session is over! Every attendee can use our services and consult with our staff for a period of 30 DAYS after the seminar, so they can tackle any situation as they go through the job searching process. They also have the option to register with The Dubin Group for free placement services if their skills match any of our clients’ needs.
Please contact us with any questions – we’re always available to discuss what will work best for your employees and your business.


Being able to stay up to date with the newest technologies and resources is imperative when a candidate is in the job hunt. Using the internet to locate open positions, constant networking and finding the right recruiter are all important steps to stay at the top of your game in today’s ever-changing job search process.


  • Social Networking Sites and LinkedIn – Maximize the potential of these valuable tools
  • Job Boards - Monster, CareerBuilder, Craigslist: sift through and identify that once in a lifetime opportunity
  • Your Community – Use who you know, and find out who and what THEY know
  • Job Fairs and Networking Events – Overcome your fears and get the most out of them


No one will argue that the resume is the most important tool an applicant has during a job search, especially in the “online age”! For many, it’s the most intimidating as well – and in today’s ultra-competitive environment, there is no room for error. This seminar will help create a resume that will be commiserate with the salary and job level a candidate wants to achieve, and will push a Hiring Manager to schedule that elusive interview!


  • FORMAT - Use layout, headers, and subheads that will grab attention and drive the reader through the resume
  • KEYWORDS – Market yourself so the right employers can find you, and keep your resume at the top of the pile
  • OMISSIONS – Avoid potential problems: Can you leave out parts of your job history?
  • LENGTH – Learn whether to stick with the “One Page Rule”
  • VIDEO RESUMES – Get noticed with brand-new media & creative methods
  • PERSONAL INFO – Properly include activities, awards and hobbies


The interview is often the deciding factor that will get someone their “Dream Job”…or knock a skilled applicant right out of the running. This seminar is a candidate’s all-inclusive guide to presenting themselves as the best person for the job - even if they haven’t interviewed in years.


  • PREPARATION – Know what to research, what to bring and what to wear
  • PICKING UP CUES - Connect with an interviewer with our unique tips: know when to take notes and what questions to ask
  • DREADED QUESTIONS – Respond with grace and turn weaknesses into assets
  • BEHAVIORAL INTERVIEWING – Understand what the manager is really seeking
  • FOLLOW-UP – Keep the momentum after an interview without overdoing it


The hiring process has changed dramatically over the past few years, and even the most qualified candidates are struggling to get their resume into the hands of a decision maker. With so few chances to make a real “connection”, every piece of correspondence has become vital to job searching success.


  • Seize your reader’s attention so they will be compelled to learn more about you, or keep you fresh in their mind
  • Effectively highlight your unique skills and accomplishments while offsetting any potential problems the employer may face in hiring you
  • Know when it’s appropriate to add “personal touches” to a letter, and how to use it to your advantage


“Winning Social Media Strategies” is our most popular seminar for job seekers on the cutting edge – or those who would like to be! This is a comprehensive look at how to make your pursuit focused and successful, from the traditional search to the latest social media techniques, and best practices for everything from the resume to the interview to the “thank you” note and what to do when you “land”.


  • Face your Social Media fears- simple ways to use online tools, even for beginners
  • Build your Personal Brand so desirable employers can find you
  • Locate the right HR contacts and hiring managers, even from a “blind ad”