Philadelphia Pandemic Survey Results Summary

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May 5, 2020
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Philadelphia Pandemic Survey Results Summary

We can finally say it’s almost time to “Go Yellow” in the Philadelphia Metro Area! The change in the energy is palpable as the business community gears up to slowly emerge from what has been a dark stretch for many.

We appreciated so many of you answering our Philadelphia Pandemic Survey when time, especially for those in the Human Resources space, was scarce as many tried to rework their companies, and in some cases, reinvent their industries.

Our observations and the survey results have left us optimistic that our local economy WILL recover, and is rebuilding to be stronger than ever. It will take time and the struggle isn’t over – it’s predicted that the road back to economic normalcy will take anywhere from a few months to several years.

Some clients determined to survive the crisis have already increased their headcount, as they were prepared to make the move to remote talent acquisition, onboarding and work. Others are just beginning to reach out to prepare for an upcoming hiring surge and advice on outplacement and restructuring their HR Departments.

A May 4th PwC survey spotlighted an issue that hadn’t occurred to some employers – the fact that 51% of workers who switched to remote work said their fear of getting infected would prevent them from going back to the office, even if their employer asked them to return. When you add in other factors such as transportation or caregiver issues, the number goes as high as 70%.

If you experience gaps in operations as a result of employees who may not be returning to work, or have other needs, we are here to aid in your recovery. The Dubin Group is reducing charges and conversion periods for temp employees through both TDG (on-site or remote) and Dubin Workforce Solutions (light industrial) through the end of June.

Thanks again for sharing your insights and struggles with us. As we begin our fourth decade as Philadelphia’s premier local-only agency, we will remain here to HELP YOU SUCCEED, no matter the obstacles.

Click the image or this link to see the 2020 Philadelphia Pandemic Survey Results Summary! Click the image for the 2020 Philadelphia Pandemic Survey Results Summary

Philadelphia area companies share their status and plans during the Coronavirus Pandemic Crisis in 2020.

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