Mentorship Matters!

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May 9, 2019
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Mentorship Matters!

Help show the world why Mentorship really matters on the HR Today Radio Show + Podcast!

January is National Mentoring Month, and to honor these special business programs and relationships, the HR Today Radio Show + Podcast is dedicating our weekly broadcast to those in Human Resources who are passionate about the topic, and whose experience and expertise could benefit other industry professionals!
If your organization is one of the 37% with a formal (or informal) mentoring program, you participate in mentoring through SHRM or a similar organization, or you’ve personally been impacted as a mentor or mentee, we’d love to hear from you! We know the true value of mentorship and hope you can help us share it with others.
As you know, Mentorship Programs are proven to increase employee confidence levels in both themselves and their employer, ultimately increasing engagement—a major key to productivity and retention. They also serve as de facto training and professional development programs. Similarly, mentors can often pave the way for their own professional development and upward progression through participation.
Of course, that’s just the basics. There’s so much more mentoring can do to help performance, culture and your bottom line. Hopefully hearing what you’ve done, and how mentorship positively impacted you or your company, will inspire fellow HR professionals to do the same!
At the end of the day, mentoring is connecting with others and selflessly sharing knowledge and know-how. Joining us as a featured January HR Today guest envelops the spirit of “everything mentoring”. And, you’ll personally see that spirit come full cycle as we provide a link of your episode for FREE, which you can share with your personal and professional network, use to attract/ recruit potential future employees, or maybe even provide to a boss who’s not yet sure how mentoring will benefit the company.
If you’d like more info about joining us next month, please contact us – you can email Erica Otto, Vice President of Operations, at eotto@thedubingroup.com or call directly at 267-507-3183 anytime! We’ve been broadcasting to the local HR community over a decade, but if you haven’t heard the HR Today Radio Show + Podcast yet, click HERE to listen to a recent episode!
Mentoring Month

Mentoring Month

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