How to Slam Dunk your Recruitment Marketing

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March 29, 2018
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How to Slam Dunk your Recruitment Marketing

Philadelphia is once again victorious as we celebrate Villanova Basketball’s third National Championship. Jay Wright has the Big East and all of college basketball figured out. But how can you box out the competition this year when it comes to recruiting top talent? Shore up your offense by including Recruitment Marketing in your game plan!
As a recruitment agency for both temporary and direct hire staffing needs, The Dubin Group has been gaming other firms for the best candidates for nearly 20 years. Now, we can use our experience battling the competition to assist you in attracting and engaging the highly coveted applicants you need and converting them into new team members! All you have to do is take the ball, run with it, post up and alley-oop!
Recruitment Marketing, which means using a multi-faceted approach very similar to a company’s typical corporate marketing strategy, except to recruit potential candidates.  Times have changed when it comes to identifying, sourcing and securing top talent– and they continue to change at a more rapid pace than ever before. The old methods of sourcing will have you throwing one airball after another. There are no more time outs to re-strategize – you have to make a fast break down the lane NOW. So lace up and get ready to hear the “SWISH”, because we’re about to give you inside pointers on how to score big with candidates, hiring managers and upper management alike.

Pointer 1: The Lay Up

Yes, many of the candidates you need for your company’s growth grew up in the Digital Age.  These aren’t the kids who played outside all day, but instead the ones who “laid around” on their phones all day.  And now, you need to market to them in a way they understand and in a space where they can be found—this means digital advertising! Advertise your jobs through banner ads, job boards, social media feeds, and other options making sure to employ SEO analytics and AI for best results.

Pointer 2: The Bank Shot

WIIFM- stands for “What’s in it for me?”  Your future talent asks that question when it comes to deciding which company to join and at which company to stay for the long haul. Employers simply providing a job and financial income for their employees will foul out of the game before it even gets started.   The competition is offering much more from work-life balance to volunteerism to health & wellness programs, even financial  well being.  Once you level the playing field in that area, make sure to promote it everywhere possible.

Pointer 3: The Free Throw

We’ll equate the free throw to branding, branding and more branding of your company, its culture, the benefits, the growth opportunities, the leadership and the talent- be it the starting lineup or the bench warmers.  Long before a candidate becomes aware of your company, they glean information about your brand from consumer review sites, social media, job boards, Google searches, friends and family and the twittering of social networks.  Use content generation and distribution, content personalization, candidate lead generation strategies, candidate nurturing campaigns and various marketing channels to deliver the brand messaging to create a buzz, stand out among competing teams, develop a fan base and ultimately create your company’s next dream team!

Pointer 4: The Rebound

It’s not just a basketball term or a term used in dating.  The market now demands tenacity for rebounding when it comes to recruiting and talent acquisition.  What does that mean? Exactly how it sounds…if you miss the first time, reach out again, and again.  If a phone call doesn’t work, send an email.  If an email doesn’t engage, consider SMS campaigns.   Develop a consistent presence in the circles from which you draw your candidate pool and constantly build networks to generate referrals.   Create talent pipelines within your ATS software of passive and active candidates.  Go back to the pipeline when the well runs dry.  Lastly, don’t underestimate the power of brining an old player out of retirement.

Pointer 5: And One

The And One is as important as the rest.   Take extra precaution never to foul a potential candidate at any point in the process.  Every single interaction and potential touch point with a candidate is an opportunity for positive PR.    Make a wrong move and you will feel the heat, and in more ways than an extra shot at the basket.   Candidates today expect a quick, seamless, interactive, customer service oriented experience.   If they hit a snag, they will dribble right by courtside and end up at the competition’s door.   Worse, they may even take to the internet (,, etc.), giving  the company a poor consumer review or rating.  


For more game-winning recruitment marketing plays, listen to “People Growth Manager” (aka HR Director!) Bethany Perkins of O3 World tell her story on our March 22nd HR Today Radio podcast.


Do you have a successful recruitment marketing program at your company? Interested in sharing some of your “wins” with your fellow HR community? You too can qualify to be a guest on the HR Today Radio show. Just click here for eligibility requirements and more about our weekly human resources focused broadcast!




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