Dubin Rewards


The greatest compliment a client can pay us is to refer The Dubin Group to a friend, colleague, or family member in search of a temporary or permanent staff member in the accounting or administrative field. We truly value our clients not only for their continued business, but also for their trusted knowledge and insight.

The DubinRewards Point Program®, launched in July 2007, is our way to thank our clients and give them an opportunity to earn points for passing along any new opportunities for us to provide others with the same level of service and support.

We will keep an ongoing count of the number of DubinPoints a client receives until they obtain a reward. Once the client has their reward, their DubinPoints total will start over with zero points. Please make sure your referral mentions your name when contacting us, so that we can give you the proper credit.  Thank you in advance for participating!

Questions? Contact Melissa Wilson at mwilson@thedubingroup.com!


Dubin Rewards Point System

5 points:     Perfect attendance each month on an assignment over 30 days.

10 points:   Perfect Temp on Assignment Questionnaire – candidate or client.

10 points:   Attending an open house or Dubin sponsored networking event.

20 points:   Referring a candidate to The Dubin Group.*

25 points:   Participating in a Dubin Group Survey.

40 points:   Winning The Dubin Group’s “Temp of the Month” Award.

50 points:   Introduction to a potential hiring manager or “C-level” Executive in person or via social media.

50 points:   Writing a testimonial letter on behalf of The Dubin Group.

50 points:   Writing a LinkedIn recommendation for The Dubin Group’s company page.

50 points:   Referring a speaker or guest for a Dubin sponsored event or radio show.

75 points:   Speaking on behalf of The Dubin Group at an industry event or radio show.

75 points:   Inviting someone from The Dubin Group to participate in a networking/industry event.

100 points: Your referral leads to The Dubin Group receiving a job order.

150 points: Your candidate referral or client introduction leads to a temp placement.

200 points: Your candidate referral or client introduction leads to a permanent placement.


Dubin Rewards

150 points:      $5 Wawa Gift Card

200 points:      $10 Starbucks Gift Card

350 points:      $15 AMC Theatre Gift Card

450 points:      $20 Gift Basket

550 points:      $30 Restaurant-of-Choice Gift Card

700 points:      $50 American Express Gift Card

1,000 points:   $100 American Express Gift Card

*Candidates looking for positions within The Dubin Group’s niche.

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