5 Ways to Reverse the (Unproductive) End of Summer Blues!

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5 Ways to Reverse the (Unproductive) End of Summer Blues!

As you may know (or have experienced!), the weeks surrounding the summer-to-fall transition is typically one of the most unproductive times of the year. Output and efficiency can drop by as much as 12-15% overall, as the mornings get darker and the temperatures keep dropping.
Don’t despair! As a consistent member of the Best Places to Work and Top Recruiters lists over our 20 years in business, The Dubin Group has learned a few ways to make this bittersweet time more exciting and productive.
Take a look at the tips and articles below for some innovative ideas on how to get your employees out of the Dog Days of August and moving into a Spectacular September!


1. BE FLEXIBLE, especially when it comes to the overwhelming amount of fall family and back-to-school commitments.

2. Get workers out of the office! Let them work from home, the park – wherever they feel comfortable to get the juices flowing.

3. Encourage teamwork and engage the spirit of your staff while participating in charity events, team building exercises, or a classic early Happy Hour.

4. Focus On The WHY. Band the team together around your mission/ vision and set “lifelines”, not deadlines to achieve them! Do they feel like they have the tools to succeed?

5. Keep a little “SUMMER” in your Q4! Keep early Fridays all year long (like we are!) and encourage healthy work-life harmony as the end-of-year pressure builds!


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