3 x 3 Planning Guide for Flexible Working Arrangements

Workplace Flexibility Options

1. Flex Scheduling: Offer earlier and/or later shifts, or non-consecutive hours

2. Telecommuting/ Work from Home: If you have the technology, this is a no-brainer

3. PTO for Volunteer and/or Family Time: Encourages fulfillment at work and at home

Tips to Ensure Flexibility Success

1. Set the same rules for EVERYONE: Eliminate any possible resentment before it starts – don’t take away the good morale before it even begins!

2. Demonstrate TOP LEVEL Buy-In: Management communicates, promotes and values the program – it doesn’t matter what you offer if your team doesn’t know or is afraid to use it.

3. Give BOTTOM LEVEL a Voice: Ask your staff what they want! Get their input so you can make sure the program makes sense for the employees and the culture to ensure everyone is happy and more productive.